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Pastor Shalondria Taylor

Shalondria Taylor is a dynamic preacher, psalmist and author.

Pastor Taylor serves as a mentor and role model to countless teenage and young adult women. She is the founder of Young Esthers Inc., a mentorship program designed to empower young women through the areas of intercession, intellect and influence.

Shalondria is a graduate of Texas Southern University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Music.  Currently,  she is pursuing a Masters degree.

Pastor Taylor is an anointed evangelist and gifted psalmist that continues to bless the body of Christ with great fervor, faithfulness and a passionate pursuit of the presence of God.

Shalondria shares her powerful testimony of maintaining her purity and remaining a virgin, until she is married.

She hopes to inspire and encourage other young women that living a lifestyle of purity and holiness is honorable and attainable.  

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