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Young Esther's Inc.

Young Esther's Inc. is a mentorship program designed to challenge and empower the lives of young women through the areas of Intercession, Intellect and Influence. Young Esther's Inc. was set in motion in 2013 by Founder, Shalondria Taylor. The name Young Esther's Inc. derives from the book of Esther in the Bible. There are spiritual and practical principles in the book that influenced Shalondria Taylor to form a program and also inspired her to write her first book, The Queen Code.

On January 25, 2015 Young Esther's Inc. was officially launched with a Meet & Greet hosted by Forever 21. Countless teenage, and young adult women from Houston, Tx and surrounding areas flooded the store with anticipation. From that day on Young Esther's Inc. has been working within communities, schools and churches to impact young women from all walks of life. In 2016 Young Esther's Inc. hosted it's first conference Church Girls Gone Wild, a powerful two day conference filled with inspiration, prayer, worship and so much more. 

Shalondria Taylor serves as a mentor to youth and young adult women. If you are interested in the mentorship program please contact us!